How We Get Our Merchandise

Walls purchases our merchandise from all over the United States through numerous sources. Our pricing is based on the category of merchandise. 

Insurance Losses

Due to Fires, Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Frozen Pipe Breaks and other Natural Disasters. Man-made Disasters like Truck and Train Wrecks, Forklift and Construction Equipment Damage, etc.

Factory Overproduction

When a Manufacturer contracts to make so many pieces of goods for a retailer, they usually make an extra 10% to 20% to cover themselves in case of irregulars or seconds. The manufacturer then is stuck with the extra. We can buy this at way below what it originally sold for.


Any type of Business that is unable to pay it's debts. There are several type of Bankruptcies, some the Court orders that everything is sold off, in some cases the Court or the Business decides to sell a part of what they own to help catch up the debts.

Vendor Buybacks

Often when selling a store a new line of merchandise similar to one it already carries, the dealer agrees to buy all of the current store stock so they will have room to stock his. The Dealer is then stuck with another manufacturer's goods. We help them out.

Late Shipments

The newest Retail Concept is "Just On Time" Shipping. When a Retailer has something made or imported, part of the agreement is a Window, (usually 1-2 weeks) that it can be delivered in so that the Retailer can use less warehouse space. When the goods don't come in on time, often the Orders get canceled and the Manufacturer or Importer gets stuck with the goods. We help out these people too.


When a manufacturer changes it's product, (brings out a new model or changes the look of their packaging), Retailers don't want the "old one". So there are a certain amount left. We can help them out.

Mistake Closeouts

If a manufacturer comes up with a new idea, (let's say a Mousetrap). It's a remarkable Mousetrap that really catches mice real well but the cost is so high Retailers have to sell it for $50.00. They don't sell very many because the old mousetraps sell for $1.00. We can usually find a price that you will pay for it but unfortunately for the manufacturer it's below what it cost to make it.

Advertising Barters

When someone uses advertising to sell something, (those Late Night Infomercials, etc.). Sometimes they don't sell near as many as expected but they still owe the TV Station for the advertising, they give them merchandise in trade. The TV Stations sell this off, (because they want money not merchandise) to us way below wholesale prices. 

Zealous Buyers

Buyers love to buy stuff, that's why they are Buyers. Sometimes "their eyes are bigger than their purse" and they buy more than they can sell in a season. We buy off their "Excess" at a Bargain and then they have budget to buy more. 

Catalog Buyouts

A Mail-Order House will buy a lot of merchandise before they send out Thousands (often Hundreds of Thousands) of Catalogs. When they are ready to come out with a new catalog, (normally every 2-3 months) they have to decide what items to put in it. Even though that this item sold well there is not enough left, or they don't have all of the sizes they can't get more in time. So they sell off the leftovers to us at a Bargain. 

Factory Seconds and Irregulars

Factory Irregulars come from a Flaw, (sometimes called Slubs) in the material that is used to make the item. Factory Seconds are actually mistakes in making the item, hemmed wrong, or the print of the pocket fabric does not line up with the rest of the garment, etc.